Choosing An Attorney: A Guide for Cam Models and Clip Artists

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Choosing An Attorney Adult Industry

This article was originally published in the December 2019 issue of CamLife Magazine

When you’re a cam model or a clip artist, choosing an attorney might seem like a daunting task.  Picking the right lawyer to have on your side though is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  Here are some tips to guide you through the process of finding the right match.

Do your research.  Go online – Do a search for attorneys using appropriate keywords.  Take a look at the websites of the lawyers you find.   If you like a few, then do a search of their names to see what kind of articles they’ve written, work they’ve done in the past, etc.

Get references.  Check with friends “in the biz” about who they use.  Ask what they like about their lawyer, and what they think could improve.  If it seems like someone you’d like to give a try, perhaps ask your friend for an introduction.  An intro can help break the ice for the initial consultation.

Interview.  When you go to the first consultation, ask all of the questions of the attorney that you need to feel comfortable.

  • Ask them about whether they’ve worked with adult industry before. Ask if they are comfortable with sexually-explicit language as well as pornographic images.
  • Ask them about their experience with cam models and clip artists. Ask what kinds of work they have done for models and artists in the industry.
  • Ask about pricing. Ask how projects will be billed.  In some cases, you may prefer a “per project” flat fee, and in others, an hourly rate may be your preference.  Talk about it to make sure whatever you negotiate will work for both you and the attorney.

Get experts.  Use different attorneys where necessary.  The laws are complicated, and sometimes you’ll need a subject matter specialist in one area and another specialist in another area.  For example, you may need an intellectual property attorney to assist you with an agreement relating to your publicity rights, and another attorney to help you if you wind up with an online stalker situation.  Just like doctors, many lawyers work in a particular area to tailor their experience and grow a particular set of skills.  Choose the right lawyer for each situation based on that background.

Communicate.  Once you have chosen an attorney, provide them with ALL of the information they need to adequately represent you.  Make yourself available to answer any questions they have while working on your case(s).  In order for a lawyer to get you the best possible result, they need to know all of the facts – “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” as the saying goes.  Make sure you’ve found a person you feel comfortable sharing with.  Then, as the relationship progresses, evaluate how you feel.  If everything is (hopefully) great, then that’s awesome!  If something can be improved, let the attorney know that.  Working with a new person or company requires building a rapport, and that requires communication.  A good lawyer will hear your feedback, and work toward a happy client…  And, as an attorney, I can tell you that happy clients make happy attorneys!!

Your lawyer is someone that you will look to to protect your interests.  Conversely, it is the job of that lawyer to zealously represent you as their client.  This requires a trusting relationship from both sides.  Accordingly, it’s vital to take the proper steps in choosing an attorney, and in communicating with that attorney, so that the outcome will be a success!

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