Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX: First Quarter 2020

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Welcome to the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin for the First Quarter of 2020. This edition features a compilation of information relating to U.S. utility patents that issued January 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020 that appear to fall under the general umbrella of “Sex Tech.”*

The bulletin includes patents on sex toys, sex furniture, condoms, and other technology meant to enhance sexual pleasure. For more information on included material, as well as excluded material, click here. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive future editions right in your email inbox!

Categories (and number of corresponding entries):

  1. Massage or Stimulation Devices (8)
  2. Sex Furniture (0)
  3. Condoms (4)
  4. Accessories & Miscellaneous (0)

For this period, 12 issued patents were located.  Each patent number is linked to the full patent document at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website** for your ease of reference. 

1. Massage or Stimulation Devices

U.S. Patent No. 10,555,029

Title: Apparatus, systems and methods for presentation management of media content

Abstract: Systems and methods are operable to control presentation of an erotica-related media content event. An exemplary embodiment is a media device that receives information from a user sensor that is configured to sense a physical characteristic of a user viewing the erotica-related media content event, and automatically changes presentation of the erotica-related media content event based on the received information corresponding to the sensed physical characteristic of the viewing user.


U.S. Patent No. 10,588,816

Title: Multi-feature adult massager

Abstract: A multi-feature adult massager has a plurality of cavities that traverse into and intersect within a structural body made from a soft material for massaging purposes. The cavities are internally textured in various different ways, providing a variety of massaging experiences. Furthermore, multiple entrances enable multiple users to participate simultaneously. The structural body has a geometric shape that facilitates placement and orientation of the internal cavities. ***


U.S. Patent No. 10,576,013

Title: Synchronized video control system for sexual stimulation devices

Abstract: A synchronized video control system for sexual stimulation devices that allows for automated synchronization of a compatible device with videos of sexual activity to provide the user a sensation imitating the activity depicted in the video, and further allows for customization of the experience based on the user’s biometric data.


U.S. Patent No. 10,588,817

Title: Vacuum-driven personal device

Abstract: A vacuum-driven adapter for sexual stimulation includes a primary conduit extending from a base to a crown. The crown is tapered such that when it is inserted into a hose of a running vacuum, it is partially sucked into the vacuum hose to secure the conduit to the hose via a suction fit. At the base is an opening sized to longitudinally receive a male member therethrough. Air flowing into the primary conduit on its way to the vacuum hose vibrates the male member like a reed of a wind instrument. An aperture near the crown is plugged by the user to maintain suction during use; unplugging the aperture may break the seal of the suction fit. Tuning apertures direct air to the male member and can be plugged and unplugged to manipulate air flow and stimulation. Secondary and tertiary conduits nest in the primary conduit to provide sizing options


U.S. Patent No. 10,561,572

Title: Reciprocating stimulation device

Abstract: A mechanized sexual stimulation device is provided that provides a reciprocating stimulation body, preferably emulating a male in function with various length of penetration possible. Designs herein allow the protruding dildo to move back and forth to a variety of length, speeds and angles while flexing in many directions. The device includes a housing with a ball reverse screw rotatably mounted to the housing, and a reversing nut which retains bearing balls that allow the nut to move linearly up and down the ball reverse screw as the screw is turned in a single direction, thereby moving a reciprocating stimulation body such as a dildo connected (indirectly or directly) to the reversing nut. Channel or groove structures on the ball reverse screw and reversing nut guide the reciprocating back and forth stoke in a linear motion.


U.S. Patent No. 10,527,030

Title: Fluidic methods and devices

Abstract: A device for use by an individual for sexual pleasure varying in form, i.e. shape, during its use and allowing for the user to select multiple variations of form either discretely or in combination and for these dynamic variations to be controllable simultaneously and interchangeably while being transparent to the normal use of the device, including the ability to insert, withdraw, rotate, and actuate the variable features manually or remotely. According to embodiments of the invention localized and global variations of devices are implemented using fluidics and electromagnetic pumps/valves wherein a fluid is employed such that controlling the pressure of the fluid results in the movement of an element within the device or the expansion/contraction of an element within the device.


U.S. Patent No. 10,537,491

Title: At-home light-emitting diode and massage device for vaginal rejuvenation

Abstract: A light emitting module and massage device provide vaginal rejuvenation. The device exposes collagen in the vaginal area or mucosa to temperatures elevated over normal body temperature to cause the collagen to reversibly or irreversibly denature while simultaneously applying vibration. Once thermally-induced collagen denaturation has occurred, both neoelastogenesis and neocollagenesis may occur and may be initiated with fibroblast proliferation, which may be promoted with vibration. Neofibrogenesis also occurs due to the fibroblastic activity, responsible for secretion of new collagen matrix to effect tissue repair. Thus, the device exploits thermally-induced collagen denaturation and repair along with simultaneous vibration to improve tissue tone, connective tissue tension and bulk tissue regeneration. ***

U.S. Patent No. 10,524,977

Title: Flexible stimulation device

Abstract: Flexible stimulation devices are disclosed that allow for angular motion of the distal portion for enhanced pleasure. The devices include a base portion and a distal portion connected by flexible elastic connection portion. The flexible elastic connection portion is positioned between the handle and the distal portion of the stimulation device to allow for an increased angular range of motion of the distal portion and to reduce or eliminate the transmission of vibration from the distal portion to the base portion. The angular range of motion of the distal portion of the flexible stimulation device enables the user to experience enhanced labial, clitoral, penetrative or “G” spot stimulation depending on their desired use.


2. Furniture for sexual intercourse



3. Condoms

U.S. Patent No. 10,583,034

Title: Hydrophilic polymer coatings with durable lubricity and compositions and methods thereof

Abstract: The invention provides a novel hydrophilic polymer and latex polymer blend coating formulation and compositions thereof, and their use on various devices (e.g., prophylactic and medical devices) to form hydrophilic and flexible coatings with durable lubricity.


U.S. Patent No. 10,569,451

Title: Vulcanization of dip-molded rubber articles with reduced molten media bath times

Abstract: Pore-free rubber articles are prepared by dip-molding in a dipping medium that includes a vulcanizing agent, then partially-cured by immersing the dip former in a heated liquid bath that is chemically inert. A particularly effective liquid bath is a molten, nitrite free inorganic salt. The partially-cured rubber is then maintained at a desired curing temperature in a low/no oxygen heating oven to complete curing. Alternatively, upon removal from the molten salt bath, the latex film is quenched.


U.S. Patent No. 10,568,758

Title: Prophylactic device(s)

Abstract: A condom and/or prophylactic device including an enclosed end configured to collect and securedly maintain bodily fluids and/or semen therein during intercourse; an open end that is spaced apart from the enclosed end that is further configured to receive a penis therethrough; and a main body positioned between and connected to the enclosed end and open end thereby forming a partial enclosure configured to receive and surround the penis therein and having an opening positioned mid-span along a length of the main body that is configured to allow skin on skin contact between the condom wearer and companion while in use.


U.S. Patent No. 10,538,609

Title: Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks

Abstract: A synthetic polyisoprene latex emulsion has pre-vulcanization composition and post vulcanization composition. The pre-vulcanization composition comprises soluble sulfur with high S.sub.8 ring structure that is catalytically broken by a zinc dithiocarbamate. Surfactants present in the pre-vulcanization composition wets synthetic polyisoprene particles and permeates small sized sulfur and accelerator molecules into the interior of these particles thereby pre-vulcanizing the particles. The degree of pre-vulcanization is verified by isopropanol index test. The latex emulsion has post-vulcanization composition with accelerators that crosslink inter-particle region during post vulcanization cure cycle. The dipped synthetic polyisoprene article is substantially uniformly cured both in the inter-particle and intra-particle regions and reliably exhibits high cross link density, uniform distribution of double bonds in TEM and zinc segregation at the boundaries or original particles by electron microprobe analysis. The films exhibit high tensile strength, tensile modulus, tear strength, burst pressure and burst volume.


4. Accessories & Miscellaneous


*Using a proprietary formula, we at Unzipped Media, Inc. prepare the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin.  However, due at least to the vast number of patents and the sometimes subjective nature of assigning a categorization, we do not represent, guarantee or warranty that the bulletin, or the information contained in it, is complete or accurate.  The bulletin is meant for entertainment purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice or a legal opinion.

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