Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX: First Quarter 2018

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Welcome to the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin for January through March of 2018.  This edition features a compilation of information relating to U.S. utility patents that issued in the First Quarter of 2018 that appear to fall under the general umbrella of “Sex Tech.”*

The bulletin includes patents on sex toys, sex furniture, condoms, and other technology meant to enhance sexual pleasure. For more information on included material, as well as excluded material, click here. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive future editions right in your email inbox!

Categories (and number of corresponding entries):

  1. Massage or Stimulation Devices (11)
  2. Sex Furniture (0)
  3. Condoms (0)
  4. Accessories & Miscellaneous (0)

For the period of January 1, 2018 – March 31, 2018, 11 were located.  Each patent number is linked to the full patent document at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website** for your ease of reference.

Patents by Category:

  1. Massage or Stimulation Devices

U.S. Patent No. 9,918,895

Title: Stimulation apparatus

Abstract: Apparatus and methods for use of apparatus for applying targeted stimulation at or adjacent the base of the area of the glans of the penis, wherein the apparatus comprises a contact portion having a first contact surface conforming substantially to the longitudinal profile of the penis, the contact portion further having a second contact surface, raised, in use, inwardly of the first contact surface towards the penis, to project in use into positive engagement with the area at or adjacent the base of the glans of the penis are provided.


U.S. Patent No. 9,907,724

Title: Penis enhancement and massage device and method

Abstract: A device that stimulates and aids penis jelqing, or penis milking massage, is disclosed. The device enhances the jelq exercise because it comprises an ergonomic shape that holds and keeps the penis in position by gripping it around the base and squeezing it to make a stroking jelqing motion.


U.S. Patent No. 9,901,509

Title: Erotic stimulator device

Abstract: An erotic stimulator device comprising a mat including an inner surface and an outer surface, a hook and loop fastening system wherein a hook portion of the system is secured to one mat surface and a loop portion of the system is secured to the opposite mat surface and a sleeve having an open end and a closed end wherein the sleeve is placed on the inner surface of the mat with the open end of the sleeve extending outside the perimeter of the sleeve, the mat is rolled up into a cylindrical shape with the sleeve inside and the hook and loop fastening system is engaged to maintain the shape of the mat and the open end of the sleeve is extended from the inner surface to the outer surface of the mat.


U.S. Patent No. 9,861,553

Title: Transverse-mode-resonant stimulation device

Abstract: Various embodiments described herein provide a mechanism for transducing transverse vibrational energy into an elastic body of a sexual stimulation device by directly driving the transverse modes of vibration of the elastic body. Additionally, by using an actuator that transduces a force that is proportional to the input current or voltage, the vibration may be driven with any arbitrary waveform.


U.S. Patent No. 9,889,039

Title: Penile constriction device

Abstract: A penile constriction device has an elongated body with a coil-shaped portion and first and second end portions. In an operational mode, the end portions are biased into mutually overlapping positions and are longitudinally spaced apart. The coil-shaped portion is adapted to wrap closely around a penis. The coil-shaped portion of the elongated body includes an elongated elastic spring member. A head element is removably mounted to the first end portion of the elongated. The head element can be adapted to provide vibrations and light.


U.S. Patent No. 9,889,064

Title: Sexual stimulation device with an oscillator feature

Abstract: Disclosed is a sexual stimulation device that includes a phallus shaped member having a handle opposite a stimulation end. The handle includes a control button for operating the device. The control button is connected to a power source that can activate an oscillating motor, which is attached to a motor head having a motor head attachment and a silicone embedded connector. The motor head oscillates, thereby moving the motor head attachment and the silicone embedded connector therewith. The silicone embedded connector is aligned with a stimulation point at the stimulation end of the device such that when the device is activated, the stimulation point can oscillate. In use, the stimulation end can be inserted into a vagina to contact the g-spot or near the wall of the vagina to stimulate a user.


U.S. Patent No. 9,877,890

Title: Intercourse assistance device

Abstract: An intercourse assistance device for reducing the length of a penis that enters a vagina. The intercourse assistance device has a support body with a front side and a rear side. The support body is made of resistantly-rigid material. The device includes a region of deformably-soft material monolithically positioned centrally within the support body. The deformably-soft material is adapted to deform when in contact with the penis. The device also includes a reflexively-closable opening cut out from the region of reflexively-deformable material. The opening is adapted to removably receive the penis.


U.S. Patent No. 9,855,186

Title: Devices and methods for promoting female sexual wellness and satisfaction

Abstract: Devices, systems, and methods for promoting female sexual wellness and function. The devices, systems, and methods encourage clitoral engorgement using suction over the clitoris combined with vibratory stimulation. In some embodiments, a device is capable of operation in an automatic attachment (autoattach) mode, in which detecting attachment of the device to user tissue (e.g. through detection of a positive pressure in a tissue-contacting chamber) automatically triggers starting a suction pump to secure the device in place. Suction settings such as a target negative pressure may be determined according to a dynamically-evaluated quality of a seal established between the device and user tissue. The quality of the seal may be determined by identifying drops in the absolute value of negative pressure that are not readily compensated for by the suction pump.




U.S. Patent No. 9,855,462

Title: Kegel health system

Abstract: A method and apparatus for a Kegel health system can include: inserting an insertable body into a user, the insertable body connected to a tail outside of the user, the insertable body including a bulbous body coupled to a connecting body, the bulbous body including a control unit, the connecting body coupled to the tail, and the connecting body including sensors; sensing sensor data with the sensors, the sensor data indicating the presence of contractions from a pelvic floor muscle of the user; providing feedback to the user with graphics and written information displayed on an external device, the graphics and the written information indicating attributes of the contractions from the pelvic floor muscle.


U.S. Patent No. 9,925,085

Title: Method and apparatus for penis enlargement

Abstract: A penis lengthening device comprises a traction chamber with tapered sidewalls configured to secure the penis within the chamber by forming a partial vacuum therein. A flexible air seal covers the upper portion of the traction chamber and extends over the penis. As the chamber is evacuated, the air seal tightens around the penis, creating an air seal to retain the vacuum within the chamber. Tensile force is transmitted through the chamber to the penis of the user. Alternative “light traction” embodiments utilize a condom-like device configured to attach to an elastic band, or to suspend weights therefrom. Larger tensile forces are applied for shorter periods of a few minutes up to an hour using the traction chamber embodiment, and smaller forces of 1-2 pounds are applied for longer periods of several hours using a light-traction embodiment. Alternate between the two methods throughout the day enhances its effectiveness.


2. Furniture for sexual intercourse



3. Condoms



4. Accessories & Miscellaneous 


*Using a proprietary formula, we at Unzipped Media, Inc. prepare the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin.  However, due at least to the vast number of patents and the sometimes subjective nature of assigning a categorization, we do not represent, guarantee or warranty that the bulletin, or the information contained in it, is complete or accurate.  The bulletin is meant for entertainment purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice or a legal opinion.

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