Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX: Fourth Quarter 2018

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Welcome to the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin for the Fourth Quarter of 2018. This edition features a compilation of information relating to U.S. utility patents that issued October 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018 that appear to fall under the general umbrella of “Sex Tech.”*

The bulletin includes patents on sex toys, sex furniture, condoms, and other technology meant to enhance sexual pleasure. For more information on included material, as well as excluded material, click here. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive future editions right in your email inbox!

Categories (and number of corresponding entries):

  1. Massage or Stimulation Devices (18)
  2. Furniture for Sexual Intercourse (0)
  3. Condoms (1)
  4. Accessories & Miscellaneous (1)

For the third quarter of 2018, 20 issued patents were located.  Each patent number is linked to the full patent document at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website** for your ease of reference.  Note that some patent entries appear in multiple categories.  In those cases, the link and abstract are only provided in the first instance of the entry.  In a second instance, the user is directed to the first instance in the initial category.

1. Massage or Stimulation Devices

U.S. Patent No. 10,085,913

Title: Massage device

Abstract: The massaging device includes electromechanical means, for generating mechanical vibrations, in a housing, electronic means for controlling the electromechanical means, and a power source connected to the electromechanical and electronic means. The electromechanical means includes a cylinder element, in which a core is guided in parallel to a cylinder element axis (Z2), in particular, coaxial with respect to the cylinder element axis (Z2), at least one coil element, the coil axis (Z3) of which is arranged coaxially with respect to the cylinder element, and which encloses the cylinder element, and one impact element arranged at each end of the cylinder element and in the interior thereof, characterized in that the impact elements are formed as end magnets, wherein the ends of the end magnets respectively facing the ends of the core have a magnetic polarity which is identical to the polarity of the respectively facing ends of the core.


U.S. Patent No. 10,097,875

Title: Apparatus, systems and methods for presentation management of erotica-related media content

Abstract: Systems and methods are operable to control presentation of an erotica-related media content event. An exemplary embodiment receives information from a user sensor that is configured to sense a physical characteristic of a user viewing the erotica-related media content event, and automatically changes presentation of the erotica-related media content event based on the received information corresponding to the sensed physical characteristic of the viewing user.


U.S. Patent No. 10,159,622

Title: Vibrator

Abstract: A vibrator including a curved housing adapted to the female anatomy, the housing has a front section; a rear section; an interior section and a fastening section. The interior section has a power source, a control unit, a memory unit for saving data, a communication unit for data communication with an external device and an electric motor for generation of a vibration. The rear section is configured to transmit vibrations generated by the electric motor to the body. Fasteners are included for fastening the vibrator to an article of clothing by a clamping mechanism. The fasteners are removably attached to the fastening section of the housing and are flush with the front section.


U.S. Patent No. 10,085,914

Title: Methods and devices relating to vibratory impact adult devices

Abstract: Small high efficiency motors in order to produce large amounts of power must be operated such that they are running at high speed outside the desired vibration range for sexual stimulation. Accordingly, designs allowing for the appropriate gearing to allow heavy weights to be spun with small diameter and high efficiency whilst not increasing the outer diameter of an adult device are disclosed. Beneficial embodiments of the invention provide users with adult devices providing high impact (amplitude) vibration in a range of physical geometries compatible with providing internal and/or external stimulation which can also be offered at low cost and/or low manufacturing cost with extended operating life. Additionally, design flexibility via axial designs, non-axial designs, flexible drive designs, aperiodic drive designs, and linearly driven designs provide design solutions for implementing vibrators with low cost, high impact, targeted frequency characteristics, increased efficiency, and increased power.


U.S. Patent No. 10,154,832

Title: Semen collection device

Abstract: A semen collection device includes a core member, a mounting unit, and a position sensing module. The core member defines an insertion space having an inlet at an end. The mounting unit includes a main body having a main portion and a receiving portion extending from an end of the main portion, a cover detachably installed on the receiving portion. The cover and the receiving portion cooperatively define a cylindrical chamber for fixedly receiving the core member, and further define an opening communicating with the chamber for exposing the end of core member having the inlet. The position sensing module is located in the main portion substantially close to the opening and configured to detect a variation of amplitude and frequency of a position of the core member.


U.S. Patent No. 10,149,797

Title: Model dolls and methods for making the same

Abstract: A doll is provided. The doll includes a layer of skin formed from a first material to simulate human skin. The skin has an interior side and an exterior side. The doll also includes a chamber enclosed by the layer of skin with the interior side of the skin facing the chamber. The doll further includes a filler made of a second material, different from the first material. The filler fills the space within the chamber. The skin is formed by placing the melted first material in a first mold configured to have an inside contour resembling a human body or body part up to a certain level of the first mold and, when the melted first material solidifies, removing certain amount of the melted first material such that the remaining first material in the first mold forms the skin with a thickness in the first mold.


U.S. Patent No. 10,143,618

Title: Stimulation remote control and digital feedback system

Abstract: A system for sexual interaction is provided. The system includes a phallic device for sexual interaction having a sensor for sensing its movement and a transmitter for transmitting data to a processor connected to the phallic device. The first processor determines an output signal based at least in part on the movement of the phallic device, and the first processor communicates the output signal to an output device. The output device includes a second remote processor that is configured to receive the output signal from the phallic device, wherein the output signal is adjusted corresponding to the movement of the phallic device and the signal is used to control a device located at remote location.


U.S. Patent No. 10,143,616

Title: Hose connecting device and massage toy having such a hose connecting device

Abstract: According to the invention it is provided that a hose connecting device for connecting an elastic flexible hose to a rigid connection includes at least one coupling element having first positively locking means for coupling to the connection portion in positively locking relationship, and an annular support body which peripherally supports the coupling element, wherein the positively locking means extend radially internally on the annular support body and wherein the annular support body is adapted for fixing to the flexible hose.


U.S. Patent No. 10,123,936

Title: Visual remote control and tactile interaction system

Abstract: A remote system for sexual interaction is provided. The system may include an input device in communication with an output device including a phallic object. A motor is provided for moving the phallic object relative to movements associated with the input device.


U.S. Patent No. 10,123,935

Title: Automatic billing system for remote Internet services

Abstract: A system for establishing and maintaining an account for Web based Internet services between a website operator having access to the operator’s bank account and a customer for interactive adult website service where the customer has access to the customer’s bank. The system includes a transaction server, a website server, website administration apparatus and service performance apparatus with the transaction server facilitating electronic communication between the customer, the website administration apparatus, the customer’s bank and the website operator’s bank.


U.S. Patent No. 10,123,933

Title: Modular male sexual aid device and method of assembling same

Abstract: A modular male sexual aid device includes a housing, a plurality of ring segments, and an end cap. The housing includes a base and a pair of walls. Each of the walls extends longitudinally between a bottom end and a top end. Each ring segment is removably connected to one of the walls of the housing such that the central passages of the ring segments define a masturbation passage. At least one of the walls of the housing can be pivotally mounted to the base such that it is movable between an upright assembled position and an outwardly extending disassembled position. The end cap is removably connected to the top ends of the walls such that the walls are prevented from rotating outwardly away from each other.


U.S. Patent No. 10,105,279

Title: Male sexual dysfunction sufferer-use negative pressure assistance device

Abstract: Provided is an assistance device comprising a hard sheath that simulates an erect penis and that has on the end thereof an air-bleed hole, and a soft skin that covers the entire hard sheath and that has an air-bleed hole at a position that is slightly offset from the air-bleed hole of the hard sheath, and the device has added thereto a valve function due to the two air-bleed holes.


U.S. Patent No. 10,130,550

Title: Sexual stimulation device using light therapy, vibration and physiological feedback

Abstract: A sexual stimulation apparatus and method which may comprise a plurality of light sources for photostimulation of the vagina, clitoris, or both; one or more vibrators for mechanical stimulation of an area of the vagina; a handle; a controller and programmable memory for containing non-transitory instructions for modes of operation and driving the light sources and vibrators of the invention; a vaginal finger; a handle for ease of use; a keypad for user entry of commands; and a charging or programming port. The invention may also comprise sensors that sense physiologic parameters of a user and adjust sexual stimulation parameters to achieve a desired sexual stimulation effect. Blood oxygen level, temperature, pulse rate and muscle electrical activity may be sensed. The invention also may comprise a flexible covering that provides smooth sliding engagement with an area of the vagina of a user. ***


U.S. Patent No. 10,123,934

Title: Clitoral stimulator

Abstract: A clitoral stimulator features first and second contact members, at least one of which is supported for back and forth movement relative to the other of said first and second contact members in a longitudinal direction. Each contact member has a respective contact surface on side thereof facing toward the other in a lateral direction lying transverse to the longitudinal direction. The respective contact surfaces are separated or separable by a sufficient distance to accommodate a user’s clitoris between the respective contact surfaces of said first and second contact members with said respective contact surfaces in contact with the user’s clitoris at opposing sides thereof. An actuation mechanism is operable to drive the back and forth movement to perform a rolling action the user’s clitoris between the stimulation members.


U.S. Patent No. 10,123,571

Title: Clothing fashioned to facilitate finding a partner in public for strap-on sex

Abstract: RABBUTT HOLE PANTS.TM., fashioned with a crotch opening for a lady to wear to arouse sexual interest. RABBUTT HOLE PANTS.TM. compliment two RABBUTT.TM. platform assemblies where the placement of a dildo in relation to a clitoral stimulator is provided for a lady’s simultaneous stimulation while fornicating with the dildo, so the lady giver “gets” while “giving.”RABBUTT HOLE PANTS.TM. hold common dildos or RABBUTT.TM. in place for fornicating. With discretion, RABBUTT HOLE PANTS.TM. may be worn without an erect prosthetic in public to raise interest in sex.


U.S. Patent No. 10,092,751

Title: Portable body-contact therapeutic device

Abstract: The present invention relates to a portable body-contact therapeutic device comprising a main body having a first main body member and a second main body member combined in a clip form such that pants, panties or a belt are worn by being inserted between the opposing surfaces from one side, characterized in that in a state that the pants, the panties or the belt are worn by being inserted in the main body, the outer surface of the first main body member is formed toward the body outside and the outer surface of the second main body member is formed so as to contact the body skin, wherein a current output circuit for outputting a current is included on the inside of the main body, and a main body electrode pad to which the current outputted from the current output circuit is applied is formed in the outer surface of the second main body member. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a portable body-contact therapeutic device which can easily be worn so as to directly contact the body, and which can maximize the therapy effect for each of various women’s diseases.


U.S. Patent No. 10,137,056

Title: Device for sexual stimulation

Abstract: A device for sexual stimulation of the human body, the device including a phallus-shaped stimulation body. The thickness and/or the length of the stimulation body is variable in regions. The stimulation body has a preferably exchangeable stimulation element to permit the regional variation of the thickness, and the stimulation element is movable in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the stimulation body and/or in the circumferential direction of the stimulation body. The stimulation element expediently has at least one magnetic holding device, preferably a permanent magnet, and at least one magnetic carrier for the stimulation element is arranged movably inside the stimulation body.


U.S. Patent No. 10,099,404

Title: Penis casting method and kit

Abstract: A method of casting a penis using a kit is provided. The present invention includes a cylinder with a first end cap and a second end cap. An opening may be cut through the sidewall of the cylinder. An opening may also be cut through the first end cap. The user may insert their penis through the opening of the first end cap. A liquid molding material may be poured into the opening through the sidewall so that a substantial portion of the cylinder is filled. The liquid molding material hardens over a first period of time forming a solid mold. The penis may be removed from the solid mold. A liquid casting material is poured into the solid mold and hardens over a second period of time forming a casted penis.


2. Furniture for sexual intercourse



3. Condoms

U.S. Patent No. 10,130,551

Title: Condom and clitoris stimulation apparatus

Abstract: A condom features a generally cylindrical sheath with an open proximal end and a distal end that fits onto a male penis. The condom also features a tether which is connected at the distal end of the sheath. The tether has an axial length greater than the axial length of the sheath and is designed to be grasped by a female partner during intercourse and placed into a rubbing contact with the clitoris.


14. Accessories & Miscellaneous

U.S. Patent No. 10,088,895

Title: Systems and processes for providing virtual sexual experiences

Abstract: Systems and processes for providing virtual sexual experiences are disclosed for allowing a user to experience a virtual sexual encounter based on the user’s real world movements. The system includes a provider platform for generating content having one or more of a sexual avatar and a user avatar. The system also includes a user platform having a motion tracking unit for detecting and tracking the real world physical movements of the user, and manipulating the generated content based on the movement.

*Using a proprietary formula, we at Unzipped Media, Inc. prepare the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin.  However, due at least to the vast number of patents and the sometimes subjective nature of assigning a categorization, we do not represent, guarantee or warranty that the bulletin, or the information contained in it, is complete or accurate.  The bulletin is meant for entertainment purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice or a legal opinion.

**The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has not endorsed, nor is affiliated with, Unzipped Media, Inc. or the Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX® bulletin.

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