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Sex Toy Patents Sex Tech

The Sex Toy Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Much of this is made up of low-end products that are basically produced over and over again in Asia for a variety of brands.  Have you ever noticed that many dildos look just about the same, except for a modification of the color or housing material?  A substantial amount of bullet vibrators seem to also have a ubiquitous design, with the elastomeric housing (such as for a cock ring, or a finger sleeve) slightly changed among products and brands.

There is, however, a ton of innovation happening by an elite few in the Sex Tech space.  Here, I’ll highlight some cool Sex Toy tech you might recognize from store shelves.  This is the first of a series of articles like this I’ll do over time.  Each toy below appears to have at least one U.S. patent covering or relating to its technology.  In order to have a patent granted in the U.S., the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office must determine the technology is novel (never been done before) and not obvious based on what’s been done before.  So, these toys are a few examples of sex toys pushing the limits of what’s possible in Sex Tech.

**Note that it is only my opinion, based on limited information, that the the following sex toys appear to be related to the respective patents.  I have not verified the pairings with the makers of the products nor the owners of the patents.  This article is for entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to be legal advice or official legal opinion.  For more information on the sex toys and patents discussed here, contact the makers or owners, respectively.**

Sex Toy: We-Vibe Classic Vibrator

Patent No. 7,931,605

  • Title: Electro-mechanical Sexual Stimulation Device to be Worn During Intercourse
  • Issue Date: April 26, 2011

From the Website:WeVibe Unite


From the Patent:

[Claim] 1. A sexual stimulation device dimensioned to be worn by a female during intercourse comprising;

a.) an elongate inner arm dimensioned for placement inside a vagina;

b.) an elongate outer arm dimensioned for placement against a clitoral area;

c.) a connecting portion connecting said inner and outer arms;
       wherein, the elongate inner arm and the elongate outer arm are enlarged relative to the connecting portion and each of said arms taper down toward said connecting portion; and
       wherein, at least one of the inner and outer arms are generally tear-drop shaped.
Cool Fact: This technology was licensed by Standard Innovation Corp. (We-Vibe) to competitor, LELO, in exchange for a LELO granting a license to WeVibe for another massage technology.  Check out the announcement here.


Sex Toy: LELO’s Tiani 3 incorporating LELO SenseMotionTM Technology

Patent No. 9,615,994

  • Title: Motion-based control for a personal massager
  • Issue Date: April 11, 2017

From the Website:Tiani3 with remote

  • About the remote control:


From the Patent:

[Claim] 1. A motion-based personal massage apparatus comprising:

        a massager having at least one surface for interacting with a body, the massager comprising:

             a motor,
             a wireless interface configured to receive a control signal providing instructions for a setting to implement in the massager, and
             a control module configured for controlling operation of the motor according to the received control signal to implement the instructions regarding the setting in the massager;

        a controller comprising:

            an interface configured to communicate with the massager,
            a motion sensor configured to detect an orientation of the controller, and
circuitry configured to convert the orientation detected by the motion sensor of the controller into the control signal providing the instructions for the motor in the massager, each orientation of the controller corresponding to a different setting of the massager.


Cool Fact: LELO, the maker of SenseMotion(TM) Technology, reports that it has over 20 patents in its portfolio!


Sex Toy: POP Dildo

Patent No. 9,301,779

  • Title: Device for Artificial Insemination
  • Issue Date: April 5, 2016

From the Website:



From the Patent:

[Claim] 1. An apparatus for sexual pleasure and artificial insemination comprising:

       a dildo member, wherein the dildo member comprises a proximal end and a distal end;
       a guiding mechanism, wherein the guiding mechanism extends from the proximal end to the distal end and further comprises a plurality of circular elements extending outwardly from and equidistantly disposed along the guiding mechanism;
       a cylindrical tubing, wherein the cylindrical tubing is contained within the guiding mechanism; and
       a pumping mechanism attached to the cylindrical tubing at the proximal end of the dildo member through a pumping arm.
Cool Fact: Some users report using the POP Dildo to transfer sperm for artificial insemination – Visit POP Dildo’s website here and click on testimonials to read about it!
U.S. Patent No. 8,821,421
  • Title: Massage Device With Flexible Substructure
  • Issue Date: September 2, 2014
From the Website about FORM 2:
This revolutionary, compact design offers more intense vibrations than any other product of its size. Each flexible ear is internally powered for dynamic stimulation. Think of it as Sensation in Stereo.
JimmyJane Form2
From the Patent:
[Claim] 1. A massager, comprising: a first end configured to be held and manipulated by the hand of a user; a second end configured for application to a portion of the human body, the second end comprising at least two flexible members extending away from the first end and having the tip of each member providing a point of vibration by way of a source of vibrational motion that is disposed within the second end and distal from the tips, wherein the members can be manipulated to apply stimulation to the same point on the human body and can also be maneuvered to apply simultaneous stimulation in different points; and a flexible portion connecting the first end to the second end, wherein the flexible portion comprises a flexible substructure and wherein the flexible substructure further comprises a boot and the flexible substructure has a Shore durometer value higher than a Shore durometer value of the boot.
Cool Fact: Another vibrator in the FORM collection – the FORM6 – is reported to have had SIX patents filed relating to its technology!
Bravo to the inventors and developers of the Sex Tech discussed here!  Also, note that some of the toys mentioned in this article may have multiple patents relating to the technology, and not just the one mentioned for each.  Multiple patents can be obtained for different aspects of tech even though it is implemented in a single device.  Innovation in Sex Tech keeps progressing, and the number of patents on sex toys will continue to grow.  Stay tuned for more tech highlights on the blog!

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